Custom Lanyards for Community Heroes and More

Community heroes are the people in our neighborhood who embrace and embody community spirit through their involvement in helping those in need and doing their share to make the world a better place. In schools, hospitals, sporting clubs, charities, churches and even on the sidewalks, you will find that passionate community helpers are all around making lives easier, doing their own special thing and supporting their chosen cause. Have a Hero Appreciation Day and show them how grateful you are to have them in your community.

Custom LanyardsServing those who serve us doesn’t have to be a big thing. A great yet simple way to recognize their contribution to society is to gift them with custom lanyards. Get them in a range of colors, widths and different kinds of quality materials. Personalized these very useful lanyards and make them something the recipient can use and remember for a long time. Make them handy by placing key rings which can be used to hold pens, glasses, gadgets, badges, keys and other important personal stuff. Here are some great ideas to show love and honor to community heroes in your area

Teachers are very special heroes in the community. They influence minds and hearts, impart knowledge, help children to grow by assisting them to discover and learn new things. They make a big difference people’s lives because they go beyond today and touch the future. Create lanyards that honor teachers with words. Use quotes such as “Discover wildlife: be a teacher!”, “Teaching is the most noble profession”, or “A very special teacher is one who wisely sees tomorrow in the eyes of every child”. They will be inspired all the more to teach and stir the new generation with ideas, wisdom and love.

Doctors and Nurses are ones we do not wish to see quite regularly but we appreciate them for all the help they render in taking care of our health concerns. They take long hours and double shifts, have no breaks, deal with emotional relatives and do all that they can to help ease their patients’ medical conditions. Why not have inspirational quotes from Maya Angelou printed on a lanyard? “Never give up on anybody because miracles happen every day” can surely inspire doctors and nurses to go on when they face difficult cases. Or uplift their spirits with custom lanyards that say, “We love you”, “Nurses are the best”, “We Heart Doctors” or “Nurses: the greatest blessings of humanity”. As they use the lanyards to hold their badges or pens, they will smile every time they see the quotes and you will make their day.

Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics will love using lanyards to hold keys, whistles and small flashlights. Give them lanyards with the following words embossed: “Firefighters are HOT stuff!”, “Firefighters save homes and hearts”, or “Unselfish actions are most radiant and most noble”. They can use lanyards to hold water bottles, penknives, maps and other things they use for their work of saving lives. Likewise, honor the bravery and dedication of soldiers and policemen in your community with custom lanyards engraved with “Love in the line of duty” and “Keepers of peace and order”. Who else are community heroes that you can lookout for and esteem? You have bakers, grocers, street sweepers, garbage collectors, construction workers, mailmen, dentists and even zookeepers who deserve to be valued.

Heroes are special because they make our everyday life a little more special, whether they go beyond the call of duty or are just simply doing their jobs. If you want generic custom lanyards for everyone, “No one is more cherished than he who lightens another’s burden. You are a gift!” could probably be the best quote you stamp on them. If your motive is gratitude and your theme is “Hooray for Heroes”, you can never go wrong in showing your love and appreciation for community helpers.

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11 Various Uses of Lanyards

Lanyards are becoming a popular trend nowadays since many people are using them for different applications. Though they have been widely used by the corporate world, they can also be used for whatever purpose it may serve. They can be used in any inventive way that people can imagine.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways that lanyards are can be used. Here are some of them.

•Used by business firms

In the business world, IDs are important to identify an employee or technicians, and that is where lanyards come in handy. They are commonly styled with the company name and logo that is printed or woven in polyester and usually attached with badges to hold the identification card.

•Used by the government

lanyardsIdentification is very important when you enter a government building to ensure security. That is the reason why these ID laces are widely used by different establishments. Just like with private companies, government laces are usually in polyester, whether they are woven or printed.

•Used by schools

Since lanyards are commonly used for identification purposes, they are a perfect choice to show school spirit. Teachers and students often wear them so that they can be properly addressed by others. School ID laces are commonly made in printed polyester or printed tube. School laces are also designed based on the school’s theme, as they can be customized and can be made to match the academe’s theme color.

•Used in sporting events

If you think that these laces are only used for identification then you thought wrong as they can also be used to represent a team. These custom made laces are designed with the team color to represent them. It can also be a good representation of team unity and team spirit. In addition, they can also be used to hold sport materials like a whistle. Sport laces are commonly made printed polyester or printed tube.

•Used in different conventions

A convention will never be complete if its attendees are not wearing a customized lace. Usually made with different colors to depict the different categories of the attendees, these custom laces are important to keep track of the guests. These laces are often designed with the convention name and theme with it.

•Can be used as giveaways

This is one way to let your guests remember your company and your services. A custom lace is a great idea to be used as souvenirs. To be more effective, these laces are upgraded with attachments in order for it to be more eye-catching.

•Used for outdoor activities

While you walk in the park, jog in the oval, or do hiking, you can use custom laces to attach your water bottles and other gadgets. In this way, you can easily access these items.

•Used to attach important personal items

Avoid losing your mobile phones and wallets by attaching them to a lace. With this, you can protect these things from being stolen.

•Used to organized things

Attach your custom made laces with a j-hook; you can already use them to have your keys organized. You can hang them in your neck so that you can’t lose them.

•Used as a fashion accessory

Turn your ordinary polyester laces into a fashionable one by using nylon cords and jewel them with colorful beads. More establishments are using them to attract customers.

•Used by theme parks

Custom made laces are usually used by theme parks and given to families or group of friends to commemorate their trip.

Custom made lanyards indeed have many applications, and considering that the material is quite versatile, the possibilities are endless.

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Tips for Using Custom Silicon Wristbands for Fundraisers

Custom silicon wristbands are a great fundraising idea since they are not only a way to raise money for a good cause but also to make people aware of a particular cause or advocacy. In addition, they are affordable to produce in wholesale quantities so that they won’t cost the organization too much. And wristbands are practical items, so they are easy to sell, particularly among people who want to support the organization’s advocacy.

If you want to have custom silicon wristbands made for your next fundraiser, the first step is to decide what design elements to include with it. The most important of these elements is the text on the wristband. What do you want it to say? Should it be the name of the organization or a motto about the group’s advocacy? Whatever you decide, it has to be pithy enough to communicate the message you want in just a few words.

You also need to think about how you want the text to be imprinted on the wristband. You can have the text debossed (molded on the wristband) or silkscreened onto it. Silk screening is appropriate if you want to have the organization’s logo or an image on the wristband since this technique allows them to be reproduced more exactly.

Custom Silicon WristbandsAnother important element to consider is the color scheme of the customized wristbands. Obviously if there are colors associated with your organization, that it what you have to use, but if not then you have a wide range of choices available. You have to choose a color that subtly reflects your group’s advocacy. For example, environmental groups choose greens, blues and other colors that make people think of nature. For wristbands used for protests you might want to use a stronger color like red or black. Cultural groups might want to experiment with swirled color schemes that combine two to three colors in a distinctive mix that makes for a unique wristband. Then you can decide what color you want the text to be.

Finally, consider what the overall appearance of the wristband will be. Keep in mind that you want it to be attractive so that people will actually want to wear them.

Now that you’ve decided what you want your custom silicon wristbands to look like, you have to decide which wristband provider to make them for you. Based on the features that you want the wristband to have, you can do an online search for companies who can provide them. Then get quotes from at least three of them so that you can find the one who provides you with the best deal. Before making a decision, however, you should also consider the reputation of the company to ensure that they will do a good job for you.

Once you have your custom silicon wristbands, it is time to start selling them. You probably already have a motivated sales force in the form of your organization’s members, so the trick is to find venues where you can offer them. The most obvious venue is where organizational events are held. You can set up a table outside of the room where the event is taking place and offer them to people before they go in or during breaks. You can also set up tables in public places like shopping malls and other places where there is a lot of foot traffic and offer them there. Another idea for selling your wristbands is to ‘piggy-back’ them on another product. For example, if you are selling T-shirts, you can bundle them with a wristband; you can also offer the wristbands only for people who want to buy them separately.

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The Benefits of Using Custom Challenge Coins

Companies are better off using custom challenge coins than using certificates, plaques, and trophies to mark the achievements of their employees. This is not to say that certificates, plaques, and trophies have no place in the scheme of boosting morale and driving performance in the organization. They all have their place.

Certificates are tokens of recognition in document form. Plaques are like certificates, but they are usually awarded for higher achievements. Trophies are used generally as an award for having won something—perhaps a game or a contest. All three are awarded through a ceremony.

But custom challenge coins trump them all. Below are the benefits of giving them out to employees:

Custom challenge coins are earned.

There is something primordial about a coin that makes it seem like it is given in exchange for something. Through past centuries, coins have been used as currency. Even today, they are used in exchange for goods and services. One has to earn them to have them.

There is that same experience upon receiving a custom challenge coin. It is given because of achieving a goal. One earns it by working hard and working smart. It is like earning one’s salary: one looks forward to earning the next coin. The more coins one has, the “richer” he feels.

The experience cannot be replicated by receiving a certificate, a plaque, or a trophy. One has feelings of deserving the recognition and of winning. The recipient often has that feeling of having “arrived” and may not look forward to “earn” the next certificate, plaque, or trophy.

Once an employee receives a custom challenge coin for his achievements, he looks forward to receive the next coin to be earned. The magic of these coins is that there is always a sense that one has achieved, but has not yet “arrived.” There is always a higher coin to be obtained.

Using custom challenge coins can save money for the company.

They are often given through a hand shake to signify comradeship or a job well done. Simply receiving one is enough satisfaction to an employee. There is no need to call everyone’s attention to it. They give quiet recognition to the achievement of employees.

Companies can save money by giving out challenge coins because no ceremony is needed for the recognition. Food and décor are not needed for the occasion. Setting a particular time and place for a ceremony to take place is not necessary.

They are also an economical way of driving the performance of employees. Although employees love cash rewards, they are nevertheless motivated by the possibility of earning the coin.

Using custom challenge coins can also boost productivity.

custom challenge coinsThey motivate employees to achieve their goals as they strive to earn more of them. Receiving them gives them a sense of accomplishment. Employees will then look forward to collect the coins as symbols of their achievements and contributions to the company.

Because no ceremony is needed to give them out, employees have more time for themselves and their families. They do not have to mark their calendars because they are required to attend an awarding ceremony. Management also does not have to call employees away from their desks in order to participate in the gathering.

Companies save time and earn more.

Awarding ceremonies and other tokens of recognition all have their place. But these can be reserved for collective and higher forms of recognition. They can be given for higher achievements and greater contributions. Possibly, they can be given to employees who have collected a number of coins—which mark the high achievers in a company.

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Challenge a Foreclosure with the Help of a Reputable Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer

Facing a foreclosure could make you feel like you are at the edge of a cliff. Although the circumstances may seem to be out of your control, there are still many options that you should consider to save your property. Even if it seems impossible, you can still avoid your credit from being tarnished. Consult a Long Island foreclosure lawyer to protect your legal interests.

With the help of a legal expert, you can challenge a foreclosure by raising a defense. Fraud does exist in a mortgage and banks can make all sorts of accounting and recording errors. An aggressive foreclosure attorney will examine everything to see if you have a viable case.

Most foreclosure defense actions deal with negotiations, mediation and Court Docket management. A reputable Long Island foreclosure lawyer can ensure you have the best time and opportunity to negotiate a reasonable resolution to your situation. Your legal defender will find every possible way to save your home.

There are many programs that have existed or currently existing in the Long Island area. Such programs available to home or property owners are persistently being modified or constantly changing. Additionally, programs are at times specific to the procedures and policies of the lender. This is why an experienced Long Island foreclosure attorney is necessary.

To say the least, foreclosure law in Long Island, New York is complex. No one wants to lose a home after putting much time, money and effort just to have it. It is always best to seek for available legal help and consider what could be possible to prevent losing your home.

Over the years, experienced foreclosure lawyers are using the equity branch of law, which is focused on fairness in state of affairs where satisfactory relief is not provided by a legal statute. It is usually not enough to just declare that the foreclosure is inequitable. Rather, you need to get your hands on a particular rationalization for your position, which has previously been distinguished by the court.

Long island foreclosure lawyerAn experienced Long Island foreclosure lawyer is good at making negotiations with banks or lenders to see if you can keep your property by means of an amended agreement where you can make affordable payments. If this may be the case, you should be ready for any concurrence that could be made. So, if the bank decided to decrease or increase your payment to let you keep your home, be prepared to accept such terms and have the money or payment available.

It would be helpful if you will take time to assess what circumstances have caused you to fall short on payments. Think of the next steps then that will enable you to pay on time. Do you need to find another job? How you can budget your money? How you can divest yourself of unnecessary expenses? How you can save money to pay your mortgage? These are just some of the questions that you may consider asking yourself in order for you to control or take in the gravity of your foreclosure situation.

Bear in mind that banks do not take it lightly when a borrower misses payments or continuously make late payments. See to it to pay your mortgage on time so you can stay away from debt collectors. Once your Long Island foreclosure lawyer addresses your foreclosure problem, make sure that you will not go back to the same situation again.

If your house cannot be saved from being totally foreclosed, it could be because it took you so long to seek the assistance of an attorney. Prevent worst case scenarios from happening. Taking the services of a Long Island foreclosure lawyer can make a big difference in your case.

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What Does a Keynote Speaker Do?

When a person is scheduled to give a speech, the audience pays less or no attention to the type of speaker he is. For most people, a keynote speaker is no different from everybody else. However, it is important that someone commissioned to deliver a keynote speech understands what is expected of him.

Some people, even experts, interchangeably use the term keynote speaker with a motivational speaker. They do correspond to the same function many times, but keynote speakers do not necessarily deliver motivational speeches all the time while motivational speakers are not necessarily assigned with the keynote speech of an event.

Keynote speakerAs the term “keynote” implies, the speaker is meant to deliver the most important, possibly the longest and last, speech in an event that is also probably joined by other speakers. In short, he is the main speaker assigned to discuss the gist of the event according to the theme.

Normally, keynote speakers are classified according to the objective of the presentation, whether to motivate (motivational speaker), share expertise regarding a specific subject (expert speaker) or deliver entertainment with substance (humor speaker). Essentially, a speaker can integrate all elements in his speech, but the central idea and nature of delivery will only focus on one.

For instance, a motivational speaker can choose to deliver in a humorous way at some point, but once he gains or regains the attention of the audience, he will still go back to the core which is to motivate and inspire people through gripping stories that teach lessons and share experiences. An expert speaker, on the other hand, aims to educate the audience regarding a certain matter with very specific set of information, whether he uses humor and try to motivate the audience or not.

A keynote speech is no longer about introduction (which is usually assigned to another speaker) or background information. It is the point of the whole event and why the theme goes that way. It is addressing the goal of the audience in attending the event.

Today, there are already different modern techniques used by keynote speakers in their delivery, such as the psychological approach called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Presentations now also vary, usually being accompanied by slides, video presentations and interactive activities for the audience.

Being a keynote speaker is a livelihood in itself. Depending on the coverage of the speech, you can ask for a thousand dollars or more regardless of time allotted. Of course, you have to be a proven expert in your field or already have a name in the business to demand huge pay. It is also possible that a commissioned keynote speech is only a prelude to a longer training or personality development series of sessions, which is normally how it is in big corporations.

Nevertheless, there will be times when you will be invited to deliver a keynote speech for free as a special guest rather than a commissioned professional speaker. This is also a good way to market yourself and reach more audience.

So, if being a keynote speaker is now a professional job in itself, how does the business work?

You need to know how to market yourself and look for potential clients, mostly organizations. Networking is more likely a necessity as you have to expand your client-base and referrals.

Customarily, keynote speakers receive a token of gratitude whether they are paid or not. All expenses incurred are also paid by the inviter or organizer including accommodation, travel expenses and foods.

When a keynote speaker is invited to speak for free, it is still not considered a lost business because the audience includes clients. Also, organizers might invite you again the next time – only that time with honorarium already.

The central idea of keynote speeches depends on the event itself, so before writing your own speech and creating all the accompanying presentations, coordinate clearly first with the organizers.

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Things to Know About Funeral Paraphernalia

In a way, funerals are considered social events. Instead of gathering in a time of happiness, families and friends gather in a time of grief. You cannot just put your dearly departed in some run-of-the-mill casket and bury him or her without the proper rites. Those left behind would still want to see the dead buried properly with the proper last rites, inside the proper vessel, and buried in an appropriate site. With so many things to take into consideration, establishments are providing a wide variety of funeral paraphernalia for a grieving family to choose from.

Funeral homes offer a wide variety of paraphernalia for the surviving family members to choose from. These companies offer caskets, vaults, and urns that have been chosen carefully for the material’s choice and the craftsmanship that went into the making of the vessels. The establishments’ merchandise range offers families with various options in terms of beauty, protection, prices, and features.

funeralThe most commonly used burial vessels are the traditional hardwood caskets. These wooden caskets are crafted from wood varieties like mahogany, oak, cherry, poplar, maple, ash, and walnut. Hardwood caskets are traditionally appealing due to their rich finish, beauty, and warmth. They are crafted by hand and can be personalized in various ways to reflect the dearly departed person’s life.

Besides hardwood, there are also metal caskets. Like hardwood caskets, these caskets can be personalized in various ways. These caskets are usually made of material like steel, copper, and bronze. Unlike hardwood caskets, metal caskets are more durable – with copper and bronze as being some of the more durable metals. Metal caskets can also be painted in different colors; some may even have a spray-painted mural on them that reflects the personality of the person resting inside them.

For those who opt for cremation instead of a burial, the funeral parlors also offer urns, which are used to contain cremated remains. These urns come in various sizes, materials, and styles. The styles of the urns range from containers with elaborate artistic details to simple urns. Before choosing the urn, one has to consider what the container is for. Is it for placing inside the niche, burial, for home display, or for scattering? There are even biodegradable urns that actually turn into a tree after a couple of years.

Funeral homes also offer outer burial containers and vaults. They act to protect caskets from the weather elements and they also offer the casket long-term protection. There are some burial grounds that need the use of an external burial container to help protect the surroundings. Thus, one must confer with the undertaker on the cemetery’s requirements.

The most important paraphernalia are the markers and monuments as they indicated the dearly departed person’s final resting place. These are the permanent memorial at the burial site, and they mark the deceased person’s grave. These markers come in simple and elaborate styles. Whatever the choice, the markers still need customization like display information, font styles, materials, and colors.

The paraphernalia, however, are only ‘accessories’ to the ever significant memorial service. This service acts as a means of providing closure for those left behind. The service is a way to help the surviving family adapt to their loss and acknowledge that their loved one has already passed and never coming back. The service is also an opportunity for family and friends celebrate the dearly departed person’s life.

The service is also a ceremony that encourages the surviving family to move on and let the healing process commence. In short, the funeral paraphernalia are important tools and implements to help facilitate the memorial service. The paraphernalia are also important as they are the deceased person’s final resting vessel.

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Styles and Designs of Custom Trading Pins

Teams participating in any kind of sports such as baseball, football, swimming, and gymnastics usually wear custom trading pins. The designs of the pins determine their appeal and trading value.

There are different styles and options that you can check to figure which is suitable for your team.

  • Spinner

custom trading pinsThe spinner is a second pin added to the upper part of the primary pin, which you can rotate. It comes in different shapes, usually in the form of softballs and baseballs. You can customize it into any shape you prefer. The spinner adds more significance and value to your custom trading pins. The exceptional design makes it highly sought-after by traders.

  • Bobble Heads

The bobble head or wiggle pin is a second pin fastened by a durable spring to the primary trading pin. The head of your team’s mascot can move in side ward, upward, and downward motions. Due to its striking quality, more athletes prefer this style.

  • Blinkers

Batteries power this blinking small LED light bulb usually used as the eyes of the team’s mascot. You can turn it on through a tiny hidden switch. Nevertheless, the blinker can fit into more creative and fun designs. It gives life to your images that will catch spectators’ attention.

  • Glitters

Glitter enamel makes your custom trading pins shine with various colors. An epoxy coats the glitter to add a more sparkling finish. It is one of the most affordable and well liked styles among athletes.

  • Sliders

Slider is a second pin attached to a channel created in the primary pin. Sliders are in the form of moving balls or an athlete in action. They are very appealing to both players and viewers.

  • Danglers

Dangler is a second pin attached to the first pin through a loop or small chain. Danglers can be a flag, ball, year of the tournament or whatever figure you choose. Some manufacturers can replace the danglers to create a new look while keeping the primary pin. This will save on cost if the team is on a budget. Although it is one of the earliest designs, it is still a favorite among collectors and traders.

Different types of custom trading pins are available in the market, which are as follows:

  • Soft enamel pins have iron metal bases and are among the pins with excellent standards of quality. A soft enamel pin is made using low fire to combine the enamel paint to the metal. It features durability, brilliance, and luster. Baseball leagues favor this type of trading pin.
  • Photo-etched pins feature designs generated by a computer and put over the pin surface, producing a smooth finish.
  • Offset digital pins involves modern printing technology in imprinting the design on the metal surface. An epoxy coating will combine the design with the metal. This is ideal for photos of athletes, paintings, and logos.
  • Silkscreen-printed trading pins are similar to offset digital pins except the design is created through silk screening.

Pin traders choose printed and etched pins for their swapping activities. The usual size applicable for trading is 1.5 to 2.5 inches or larger. Children are most interested in exceptional trading pins, which include danglers, bobble heads, blinkers, sliders, and glitters.

Trading pins are now gaining popularity among travelers. There are people who go on trips to meet fellow collectors and traders of pins with historical and political importance. In addition, the internet is a perfect venue to gain contacts and to exchange valuable collections. Trading events are great to visit when looking for rare trading pins.

The design and type of trading pins should have an impact on the entire team. Since pins serve as both representation and identification, it is best to choose a relevant design for your team’s pin badge.

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Selecting the Kind of Golf Ball to Buy

Golf balls, despite being as small as they are, have many types available on the market. Choosing the right ball for your games can make or break your play. There are balls designed to enhance the lift provided by the ball in every shot. There are those who afford the player and additional distance from a combination of their lift, drag and weight factor. And then there are those that are great – and actually allowed only – for practice.

Now one would think that it would take so much time going through the features of every type and make. There are common denominators though. One is that they are spherical in shape; with not smaller than 42.67 millimeters or 1.68 inches, and weighing no greater than 45.93 grams or 1.62 ounces. All balls being sold in the market usually follows R&A and USGA regulations. These are the two golfing organization presiding over the two sides of the Atlantic.

Other than those,these balls can generally be divided into two basic categories. That is the recreational balls and the advanced balls.

Recreational balls are designed for the average golfers. Oriented to those with low swing speeds and are liable to lose the ball along the course. For these golf balls, there are two layers – the cover and the core – where the cover is firmer then the core. They feature sides pin reduction and low compression for straighter shots despite lower speeds at launching. Recreational balls have lower prices than the advanced ones, to make them affordable to out-of-bounds and hazard shots.

golf ballsAdvanced balls, on the other hand, have three or more layers, characterized by softer covers and firmer cores. They are designed to have a greater amount of spin from angled or lofted shots. For short-range shots, they also offer a sensation of softness. To compress these balls at impact, advanced balls require faster swing speeds that can only be maneuvered by strong, experienced players. A mismatch between the golfer’s wing speed and the ball compression will result in a decreased flight distance. Advanced balls have many brands and colors available. The colored balls and those sold by better brands are usually more expensive. Because of this, the choice can be very difficult.

But for casual players, expensive advanced golf balls may be unnecessary. There are three kinds of inexpensive balls they can choose from. These are good for practice and casual play. But, because of their characteristics they cannot be used during tournament due to regulations; or players simply choose branded ones over them.

First casual play ball: range or practice balls. These are similar to the recreational balls, relatively cheap and have shorter flight distances. Labeled PRACTICE in large bold letterings, these are made to be durable and good-quality balls to withstand the hundreds of hits they receive during their life-span. To accomplish this, they are made with harder cores and firmer covers than even the recreational balls. They also have lines or bars printed on their covers to help the player see the ball’s spin during at launching. They conform to all golfing regulations and as such, qualified for tournaments. But because of their hitting characteristics, players choose better quality balls during formal play.

Second type of balls for casual play: Recycled balls. Generally refurbished to different qualities of playability, these balls are made from branded balls abandoned and collected from the course. Graded according to the resulting quality, these are recycled to restore the balls as close to their original “newness” as possible. They are usually sold at a discount in retailer stores.

Third casual golf balls in focus: “X-outs” or Mark-outs. These are branded balls that didn’t pass their manufacturer’s intense quality control. With their defect usually immaterial to their performance, these have their brand name markings crossed out or marked over, packaged in generic boxes and then sold at amazing discounts. Because of their “marked-out” characteristics, even if they are the same quality as their successful counterparts, these golf balls are still considered illegal in tournaments and thus, perfect for casual golfing.

Factors such as quality requirement and budget are considered when selecting your balls for golfing. So before immersing in the rich variety of ball types available in the market, it is recommended to identify what is your playing style, swing speed and your price range.

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Custom Pins: Do It Yourself (DIY)

Today’s technology allows people to make things on their own, right at the comfort of their own homes. Everything is DIY or do it yourself, including custom pins. However, DIY your pins only if:

The shapes you need are just circle and rectangle. You can use snap in buttons for this, which you can buy online or in retail craft shops. Thee buttons come in different sizes as well, from half inch to 3 inches.

Otherwise go to the professionals and let them do the pins when you need a special shape such as an animal, a logo, or any unusual shape.

The design is not complicated. The easiest to do is the design and print type. This is just cutting out the printed design that you made. Or sometimes, one uses a custom pin with just a photo of the person – such as during the campaign period of your school-age kids for their school councils.If the design is elaborate and detailed, better have the professional handle it.

The quantity is limited. If you need less than 30-50 custom pins for your event, then it would save you a lot more if you will do it yourself. For larger quantities however, placing an order would be the better option, in terms of time, effort, quality and money.

custom pinsThe event or the occasion is not that formal or high status. For children’s clubs or as campaign items for your kids, or as tokens during family reunions and parties, DIY would be the ideal choice. Your close friends and families would appreciate the labor of love you have exerted on those pins.However, when one is going to use the pins for awarding ceremonies or employee recognition, go for the professional look. This would make the people feel more special. They would not think that you are cutting cost on them.

You have sufficient time. Making your own custom pins could eat up your time during planning, designing, making and distributing. If you have the patience and time for this, then go for it. If not, just place your orders and in no time, you’ll have the pins ready.

You are on budget but you are creative. A custom pin can cost you from 50 cents to $2 each. Snap in button could be bought for less than 20 cents per piece depending on the design and quantity.

The materials that you would need are the following: snap in buttons, your printed design,which you have cut to match the size of your snap in buttons.

Making your own custom pins is as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the easy to follow steps.

1.Place the printed design facing down on the front of the snap in button.

2.Place the back part side of the snap in button carefully (with the pin outside) to fit in the front part of the button.

3.Secure the pin by snapping the back part in place by pushing it down gently.

That’s it! You have just completed your first DIY custom pin. Do the same with the rest of your pins.

Button Machines

Now it sounds easy enough and in reality, it is actually easy. However, many people spend so much time in perfecting the placement of the back side to the front side of the button. This is where their frustrations come.

If you have an additional budget plus if you intend to make lots of custom pins, then purchasing a button machine would be a good investment for you. The steps would be basically the same, only this time, the button machine would be the one to secure the two parts in place together.

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