HCG Diet Drops Can Be The Key To Losing True Fat

Fitness in today’s world can be seen as a fad. Just stay up late one night and watch the many commercials and infomercials that come through the television. They all promise miraculous losses in weight and you don’t have to do much more than order a product. While some people find results can come through the use of many of the products online, you have to consider the larger picture here. There are some things that aren’t going to help in the long term, and it’s for that reason why so many products from the past don’t last. There’s a reason why fad diets are just that, fads. When you start to think about what works, you will see that the majority of things aren’t going to last because they aren’t based on any research or scientific principles. That’s not the case for hcg diet drops, which have proven results in a lot of different arenas.

The True Losses

hcg diet dropsFirst and foremost, you have to understand that in order to lose weight, you have to look into options that are going to help the body diminish fat naturally. Natural fat losses requires the isolation of the cellular wall and removal through natural means. That’s where natural enzymes such as hcg works out well. It pushes the limits and gives you a more complete scope of fitness through natural means. You’ll essentially supplement the main factors that help diminish the tissue, and gives you clearance to gain lean muscle in the place of these fat deposits. That’s what will give you a better look and feel, naturally.

In order to sustain natural options, you are going to have to look into hcg diet drops and combine that with tried and true solutions that have been tested. The tested options that you are going to see most often fall under the category of lifestyle changes. That means movement and diet all in the same, but with a balance that is focused on transitional stages.

The Diet Portion

Dieting is not the key here, it’s more of a look at what you’re eating and why. If you’re focus is on eating right, then focus on working through pieces that will help you get the right caloric elements in place. The calories that you consume can be used for nutrition and energy as well. If you want to ensure that your supplements are working well and you lose true weight, then you need to ensure that you focus only on wholes foods, natural ingredients, and less on processed elements. The dieting side of things can be a hassle if you don’t focus on the natural, but it could play a huge role as you move forward through the right elements in place.

The Exercise Quotient

No major diet plan is going to tell you not to exercise. It’s important that you find something that makes you happy under the banner of movement. Whether you enjoy walking, jogging, or playing sports, find something that you can do in a physical manner and chase it. It will help you not only meet the weight loss goals that you have, but it will become a natural part of your daily life. Tie together this 3 times a day and use hcg diet drops, for the maximum results that will not just reverse when you have an off day.

For those that really want results in their overall routines, the best thing to do is to do some light exercise, eat right, and take supplements. That’s what professional athletes do at a grand scale, and it has been proven time and time again to work.

What Your Agent Should Inform You Prior To Buying Long Island Commercial Real Estate

There are many questions one should ask before investing in Long Island commercial real estate. There are many people who would only end up asking the right questions for solving their problems when it is already too late to avoid them. Therefore, getting an agent is actually a good option since the agent will know the ins and outs of a particular place and can point you in the right direction.

In case you still don’t know what to get from your agents, here are things they should be able to give you:

long island commercial real estate

A good agent will always tell you that you should not pay more than what a Long Island commercial real estate is really worth. Even if it is your ultimate dream to acquire a certain property, you should not bid an amount that is excessively higher its actual value. Your agent will be able to assess the different properties in the area where your property is located and he should be able to give you an approximate market value. This is vital information that could make or break your investment because investing too much can also mean significant loss.

Your agent should also be able to talk about the cash flows needed to make payments easier for you. You should make sure that the cash flow needed to make the purchase is going to be sustained. All the necessary computations should be done ahead of time. If this is your first time to acquire a commercial property, it would be a good idea to start small and work your way up from there to ensure that your finances will not be adversely affected.

Prepare a legal contract. It is important to draw up a legal contract that will make the partnership intact. Both parties should be clear about each other’s responsibilities. Making a legal contract beforehand will avoid any unnecessary problems in the future. With a legal contract, both you and your agent will have a good idea of what each is capable of. The agent should let you understand the legal regulations needed to make the purchase without future hassles.

In any case, you should also do your own research on the area so that you can ask the agent about it during your meeting because it is going to be easier for both of you if you already have initial knowledge on the area. Your meeting will be a way for you to correct any misunderstandings you had during your initial research as well as provide you with a reliable source of new information.

Acquiring Long Island commercial real estate could be manageable if done correctly. Go hire an agent today!

Customization Techniques on Lanyards

Different techniques can be employed when printing on the cord. This is dependent on the width, the nature of material and the client’s budget. The company’s designers may suggest a certain technique if the preferred design, the cord’s width and material and the printing technique are in conflict. Here are the printing techniques employed in branding lanyards:

Hot Stamping

LanyardsHot stamping is the most economical printing technique. Because of the low cost, this technique is ideal for student ID’s and for one-time events like trade shows, conferences, and fundraisings. Hot stamping works ideally on polyester lanyards. The technique involves heat and pressure that runs on a single roll of cord to be cut after the printing is done. The process includes a printing head and a rubber roller that would roll the material to be printed on. The color of the print depends on the color of the foil used. Additional imprint color requires an additional fee. This is efficient on single colored texts and simple designs and symbols. The print just sits on top of the polyester cord and will be rubbed away overtime. Hot stamping is applicable on 3/8 inches and 5/8 inches cord.

Silk Screening

Silk screening is more expensive than hot stamping but offers a better quality print. It is ideal on nylon and cotton cord material. Unlike hot stamping where the single roll of lanyard cord is run through printing, silk screening requires the cord to be cut first. The ink used for silk screening is thicker than hot stamping and soaks inside the lanyard cord. It would then be dried via high-heat. Texts and designs achieved through silk screening last long than hot stamped text but are also subject to fading after a long time since the print is essentially not part of the cord. Polyester and nylon are ideal lanyard materials for silk screen. Like hot stamping, additional imprint color requires a fee.

Dye Sublimation

Dye sublimation technique is perfect for lanyards that need multicolor designs. Unlike hot stamp and silk screen, the colors used in dye sublimation go through each fiber of the lanyard cord, making the print last longer. The print is therefore not just sitting on the lanyard cord. It becomes part of the cord. In dye sublimation, the image and text to be transferred is printed to a special kind of transfer paper (different than that used in T-shirts). The base ink used is white so that each color would appear as vivid as possible. Printing on both sides is also possible with dye sublimation. Polyester is the most ideal cord material used for this technique. Dye sublimation offers high quality prints thus it fetches a higher price or a higher order volume.


Customization on woven lanyards lasst as long as the lanyard itself. The material used is polyester and the colors depend on the colors used on the design. This is perfect for non-intricate designs. Each additional color incurs an additional fee.

Polyester vs. Nylon

Perhaps it confuses some people regarding the difference between polyester and nylon. Polyester is softer and more flexible than nylon therefore it can be used for thicker and wider lanyard cords. It is even used in t-shirts. Polyester twill can also be tube stitched, creating a thicker but softer kind of lanyard cord. This kind of tubular lanyard is more ideal in silk screen printing.

Nylon is tougher and smoother than polyester. It is also available in 1 inch wide variants but are significantly harder than polyester. Nylon is more ideal for silk screening than polyester. However, woven designs are not applicable in nylon.

How to Create your Own Custom Lanyards

Once you have found a good supplier of custom lanyards, it is time to tackle the task of designing it in every little detail. For many, lanyards may look simple. It has a long piece of fabric with an attachment on the end and then printed with the desired words or logos on its face. Every single part of it must be thought of carefully, though. This is important if you want your custom lanyards to function as you intend it to. Here a few tips for those who are planning to order their custom lanyards.


Custom LanyardsIf you are going to use the lanyards for the identification cards, it is best to stick to nylon because it is tough, hence, can last the entire school year without tearing down. Nylon is a cheap material too. For those who intend to use their lanyards under harsh environments like contractors or field workers, woven lanyards are ideal because the design is woven into the fabric. This means that it will not peel off or fade and is expected to last as long as the fabric, which can be months or years.

If the custom lanyards, on the other hand, are to be used in a formal event, like a conference among businessmen or doctors, the organizers can opt for silk fabric. They are very stylish and classy, making them fit seamlessly with attendees who are in their suits and dresses.


The attachment you choose will be very dependent on what item you plan to use the lanyard for. For identification cards, a bulldog clip or any kind of hook will be appropriate. These can be made of plastic or metal, but if you are on a budget then settle for plastic hooks. For keys, choose the key ring. There are also attachments designed for mobile phones.

Special Attachment

The good thing about ordering your own custom lanyards is that you can specify if you want an added attachment to be placed between the fabric and the hook or clip. These attachments are usually placed there for safety purposes, like the buckle release and the breakaway. These are attachments that can easily be snapped apart and are very handy in case you find your lanyard stuck in unusual places and you need to break away from it immediately to avoid getting hurt.

Another attachment that you can consider is the adjustment bead. This allows you to adjust the length of the lanyard so that it can be used by both young and old. Then there are badge holders in horizontal and vertical orientations. Pick one as needed.


You need to start with choosing the color of the fabric. This will be the base or background of your design. Then choose what color the designs should be. Lanyard makers will often show you a Pantone chart for accurate identification of colors. You can even use the chart when deciding which colors to use together to make them coordinated.

To make the design stand out, it is best to choose contrasting colors. Use large fonts for letters and they should be printed in bold if you want them to be readable even from a distance. For other images and design ideas, you can ask the supplier for suggestions. They usually offer artwork support to their customers.

Length and Width

Many people forget this little detail when ordering lanyards. One size does not fit all when it comes to lanyards, so consider who will be wearing them when ordering. Little kids need shorter lanyards to avoid having them hanging down to their waists. Width matters too in relation with your design. If you need large texts in your artwork, then go for the 1-inch lanyard. Whenever you are unsure, just get some support from the supplier as they can give good recommendations to you.

Now that you have covered all the bases, you are ready to order your customized lanyards in bulk. By having control of the various details of your lanyards, you can be absolutely sure that it will be the right design for your particular need.

The Art of Burning Bodies: The Process of Cremation

Cremation has been done across the globe throughout the years. However, it was not until the late 1800s when the modern process of burning dead bodies as a way of disposal was introduced.

It was Professor Brunetti who presented reports of the works they conducted and introduced a more practical and hygienic way of disposing dead bodies through the use of fire. As time passed by, people started adapting his method because of the advantages it poses compared to the un-scientific ways of cremating bodies and burial.

The modern process of cremation typically happens inside a crematorium. These are similar to funeral homes, chapels, and even cemeteries, to know more about the cremation process visit gentrygriffey.com. A crematorium houses several crematories, or the actual machines where cremation takes place.

Before, cremating bodies can be done with just the basic cremator oils like propane, natural gas, or even coal. Today, this is still the case only that the machines used already have adjustable control features to moderate the fire. A modern crematory can sustain a high temperature up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit or 1093 degrees Celsius. Despite this, the machine can still remain intact because of the common materials used for its built including high-density fiber bricks.

CremationThese are specifically designed to maintain the heat high enough to decompose a human body without melting the machine itself. However, these bricks are not meant to stay there for life, since they also wear out after some time–especially if the machine has been used several times already. Once they have been exhausted to roughly half of their original size, they should be replaced.

The cremation process has three basic steps: choosing, burning, and keeping and/or disposing.

Choosing refers to the stage wherein body containers are chosen by a dead person’s loved ones or the person intended to be cremated himself prior to his own death (i.e., if he has a terminal illness and plans his funeral beforehand). Body containers come in several shapes, sizes, colors, and even weight. It is important to choose this wisely because just like graves, this is where the remains of a human body will forever be kept.

In some countries, the coffin used during the necrological services for a dead person is cremated along with the body, like in some parts of America. There are even coffins and caskets specifically designed for cremation. However, some countries like the United Kingdom and Germany prefer otherwise.

A modern crematorium can only accommodate one body at a time. In some places, it is even highly unethical to put two or more bodies inside a crematorium for a one-time process. There are some exceptions though, like in the case of stillborn babies along with their mother, but concurrent cremating of bodies is discouraged because a crematorium is designed for one body per process only.

The second step, burning, refers to the actual process of cremating bodies through the use of high-temperature fire. The body inside the crematorium is incinerated at 1400 to 2100 degrees fahrenheit or 760 to 1150 degrees Celsius. At this point, the body is vaporized and oxidized, taking up to two hours. However, unlike popular belief, bodies are not reduced to ashes after this step. The bodies only turn into dry bone fragments and are put into a cremulator, which then turns these fragments into ashes.

The whole process doesn’t stop there. Modern process of cremating also includes keeping, which pertains to the proper and hygienic way of taking care of the ashes. There are two main ways to do this: one is to keep and another is to dispose. Keeping mainly involves urns and proper storage, while disposing can be done through scattering or burying.

Meditation: A Habit of Great Motivational Speakers

Meditation helps reduce stress, and lessen physical and mental sufferings. It has been found out as well that it can improve one’s overall health and improve sleep while increasing a person’s level of empathy and compassion to others.

Have you ever wondered why great motivational-speaker-success.com have positive perspective in life? One secret is they meditate before they stand up in front of their audience. Below are some samples of quick meditation exercises that great motivational speakers apply in their daily lives.

Secret of Motivational Speakers #1: Smile meditation exercise

Motivational SpeakersMake meditation a part of your life. It helps you to stay calm, keep you focused and enjoy inner peace. Studies have revealed that meditation can lead you to physical changes in your brain that will make you happy and motivated.

This is a simple 10-minute meditation routine that will help keep your mind calm down. The best time to do this is before you start your day.

Prepare yourself. Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands on your lap. Your spine must be straight and your body is erect but relaxed.

Close your eyes and think happy thoughts. Allow your breathing to help you reach a calm state of body and mind. Think of events and things that make you happy. All you need to do now is to ponder only on your good-humored aspects of your real happy nature. Just imagine what it would be like if you smile. You would realize that by merely thinking about smile, you experience relaxed, happy, content, soft-hearted feelings. Just the idea of smile can help softens and relax your face.

Make a genuine half smile on your face. It helps relax your jaw and face. It can also make your eyes twinkle. You will also notice that your smile spread in all the parts of your face. Imagine your smile is becoming contagious – it spreads to your throat, neck and all the regions of your face. Let your mind rest there for a while.

Spread your happiness to parts of your body. Start spreading happiness to your lungs that provides sense of comfort. Happiness can perhaps bring warmth in that region. Whatever feelings you have, let it flow and just accept it. Fill your heart with happiness – soothing and warming. Breathe. Let the idea rest there for a while. Settle happiness in your heart.

Spread your smile to your stomach and other areas of your body that you want to concentrate on. Go back to the idea of experiencing happiness and smile.

Conclude this exercise through sensing your breathing and being comforted with happy and soothing feelings of a smile.

Secret of Motivational Speakers #2: Work-life balance meditation exercise

Work-life balance means you balance your career and work ambitions with the other aspects in your life – family, home, spiritual and social relationships. Working too much can create negative impact to other factors in your life. Here is a short meditation exercise to help improve your work-life balance.

Comfortably sit in an upright position with a sense of stability and dignity. Become fully aware of your body with all the different organs doing its own functions and changing sensations.

Focus your attention to the flow of your breath. Breathe in naturally and allow it to happen. Reflect on this, “What do I need to do to find for a healthier and balanced life?”

Repeat the process several times focusing your attention to your breathing. Feel the sensations it bring you. Slowly close your meditation. Make a list of the ideas that come into your mind while reflecting on the question.

The above two meditation exercises have been effective to great motivational speakers to help perform on the craft they have chosen.

Why Many Organizations Use Custom Challenge Coins

Custom challenge coins are used in a wide number of purposes. They are popularly used in the military but they are also widely used in colleges, fire departments, police departments, business organizations and many other groups. These coins are essentially a representation of honor for the genuine services given by an individual, a club or an organization. They are said to have started in the United States Air Force. These coins also carry various meanings depending upon who awards and who receives them.

Custom challenge coinsFor the members of the armed forces, these military challenge coins symbolize their camaraderie and honor. These coins are usually awarded by a superior officer, perhaps the commanding officer of the unit. They are an excellent way on how superior officers express their appreciation for the outstanding performance given by military members. They also typically carry the name of the certain unit of the recipient as well as the emblem of the specific branch of the armed forces. These coins can also come in a wide variety of metals, which include gold plating, nickel, copper, brass, bronze and silver.

Custom challenge coins also hold various meanings depending on the organization they represent. The coins used in police departments represent the fraternity of the police order. The “Protect and Serve” emblem that can be usually seen on police vehicles can also be engraved onto the police challenge coins. These challenge coins are used to represent somehow all the possible dangers that these brave men and women go through while performing their duties and responsibilities. Nonetheless, they symbolize the honor possessed by these people who dedicate their lives to this risky profession.

Fire departments also make use of challenge coins or honor coins are some people refer to them. The name of the department as well as the origin city is usually included on the design of such custom challenge coins. The function of such challenge coins is to honor the people who deal with emergency situations that arise on a daily basis. These coins are also an excellent way of honoring the people who have lost their lives while performing their duties. They are usually given to the family of the person who has lost his or her life during his or her service. They are a great way to express the gratitude and acknowledgement not only of the department but also of the whole city.

Creating custom challenge coins for your club or organization is an excellent means of acknowledging and commending the efforts and dedication shown by every member. Aside from that, these coins are also a good way of enhancing the team spirit in your organization. The use of these coins can provide a great sense of belonging to all members of your team. It is also an effective morale booster especially when your organization is going through some crisis. These challenge coins are perfect no matter what your organization deals with. They are ideal for groups and organizations that give relief efforts to victims of any type of disaster. Challenge coins are also great for commending the exceptional acts of service given by people who offer the daily sustenance for the less fortunate individuals. They are a simple yet meaningful way for giving back to people who provide genuine service to their fellow citizens.

When awarding custom challenge coins, the creation as well as the elements included must fit perfectly the specific requirement of an organization. One of the best ways to achieve this is to include the logo and even the slogan of the organization or group. It would also be more meaningful when the reason for awarding and the name of the awarding person are also engraved onto the challenge coins.

Digital Signature Advantages in the Retail Business

Digital sign software is a very influential tool especially in the retail environment. During its early years, dynamic messaging devices were very costly, screens were way too large and with very limited life expectancies. The ROIs weren’t that reliable enough.

However, recently, the advent of the LCD paved the way for affordable screens, screens you can place on almost any wall, and screens now have the abilities to communicate directly with computers. All this gave the digital signing industry the power to rival their poster counterparts while being cost-effective as well.

Here are a few ways on how to utilize digital signage:

  • Digital sign softwareIn bus terminals and airports: Digital signage helps keep people updated regarding information about restaurants and shops while giving info on arrival and departure schedules at the same time.
  • In doctors’ clinics and offices, and in hospital waiting rooms. A perfect solution to ease jaded patients while providing advertisement opportunities to their affiliated pharmaceutical entities and other third party providers.
  • Displaying product information, interest rates, and lifestyle branding messages in banks.
  • Providing a complete and exciting customer satisfaction experiences in entertainment venues and casinos.
  • Establishing well-coordinated communication levels inside universities and campuses.

One of the most important advantages of electronic signage networks relates to audience location. Here are five of the major advantages of this advertisement approach:

  • Time is given: Content aimed at different demographic audiences also serves as “time of the day function.” This is because network content managers take control of all information in a digital signage environment.
  • Audience is given: With the venue and time clearly specified, target markets can be as broad as the type of information involved – whether it is on the psychographic or demographic levels. Messages delivered by digital signage must be straightforward and concise.
  • Content Variety: There are numerous advertising methods out there, but digital content that is varied and dynamic stands from all the rest. Dynamic content is also cost-effective, production is more “in-pace” than their print counterparts. Dynamic content can also be easily tailored to audiences’ preferences.
  • Events: Time -related content and all information involved are within the creative imagination of the digital signage designers. Such approach is diverse and varies from designer to designer.
  • Venues: Advertisements within the proximity of the purchase area are far more effective than the other ad methods, possibly because audience behavior is directly influenced by on-the-spot information available at the place of purchase.

Another important use of digital sign software relates to the retail business. When used in this particular marketing area, it can attract clients and influence their decision-making faster. There are lots of advantages involved, but the four main advantages are:

  • In-store Digital Advertising options-advertising time is precious to every advertising entity, and the ability to purchase screen time for their products is as valuable as the methods themselves. Factors influencing the marketing strategies involved such as circumstance, content, screen size, and other product-related tidbits must be considered.
  • Product Awareness – utilizing digital sign software enhances the average shopping experiences significantly with the use of a mixture of brilliant promotion and merchandising strategies coupled with good digital signage products to maximize brand awareness.
  • Digital Signage Marketing is “in-the-fly”. Good digital sign software enables advertisers and product owners to change their branding immediately. More cost-effective and less protracted than any conventional signage advertising.
  • Skills and training evaluation/management for employees are also equally important. Digital sign software can maximize job vacancy awareness and help retailers battle the issues concerning high worker turnover levels. This increases workforce competence as well.

4 Ways to Reuse a Storage Container

Storage containers are prefabricated metal vessels that are widely used to efficiently and safely transport goods overseas or on land. They are durable and are made to withstand extreme weather conditions, moisture, and salt. A newly-built Storage container should pass meticulous leak inspection before delivery.

The shipping containers seen at seaports are mostly used, albeit only slightly. There might be a few brand new containers—those that contain goods to be shipped somewhere. Some companies don’t want retrieve their empty containers because of the high cost and risks of retrieving them. Consequently, a lot of shipping containers are being left abandoned in sea ports every year and over time people have found ways to reuse the piling number of containers at seaports.

Here are some ways to reuse a shipping container:

Tiny Houses

Storage containersBecause a storage container is usually rectangular in shape, people thought about using it as a shelter. The width and height of a standard shipping box is big enough to fit humans and a few pieces of furniture in it. Over time, modern architects have found a way to make this four-cornered corrugated steel container a work of art and a place where people can settle for good.

Tiny houses that are made out of storage containers became a huge fad in the US and in other countries because of their simplicity and low cost. The cost of building a shipping container home is significantly lower than building a conventional home. The time it takes to build a tiny shipping container house is much lesser than building a conventional home. This is why more and more people are inspired to build a tiny house of their own. With the increasing cost of housing, people just can’t help but look for a better alternative.

Home Extension

Some people just have more things than other people that they would need to have a home extension. A standard storage container can make for a great home extension or an area to throw in things that can’t fit into people’s homes.

It can also become a living area with its own latrine and wash area. It can be placed in the garden or somewhere far from the view of the people and the city. It can also become an extension kitchen or an outdoor place where you and your family can relax and have a good time.

Mobile Establishments

Restaurateurs and other business owners are getting more and more creative about their places. A mobile storage container restaurant is such a brilliant idea as it is not only an eye-pleaser, but also an attention catcher. The next time you see a mobile restaurant made out of shipping containers, make sure to try out their menu.

A lot of establishments are now getting mobile because business owners think that they can sell more items if they are the one who will approach the people. And they are not wrong about it. A well-presented store is inviting enough, but a well-presented store on wheels is going to be an absolute hit!

Onsite Office

Onsite offices are probably among the most popular uses of shipping containers. Since it’s cheap and it takes no time to make offices out of shipping boxes, a lot of site engineers and architects choose to build one on the construction site to avoid the hassle of going back and forth the main office. You probably always see offices made out of shipping boxes on any construction site you see. That’s because the supply in shipping containers is never limited and would probably still build up because of what most companies do about their empty containers.

Printed Circuit Boards: A Brief History and Components

Printed circuit boards, also known as printed wiring boards or printed wiring cards, are parts of an electronic device which connect its internal components together to create a circuit, which makes the whole device function. This is commonly seen in computers but can also be found in any other device that uses electricity. To find out what a circuit board looks like, all you just need to do is look at a computer’s motherboard.

Printed circuit boardsWhen printed circuit boards were created, it had solved the issue of complex circuitry with electronic components. To find out when it was first used, it can be stated that it started around the 1900’s. Back in 1925, Charles Ducan was able to submit a patent for an electronic pattern that was printed onto an insulated board. It was in 1943 that Paul Eisler was able to build one of the first circuit boards.

Before printed circuit boards were widely used, “point-to-point construction” was the technology found in contemporary electronic devices. This is where each component of an electronic device was painstakingly connected with wires from one part to another. These devices were bulky and would easily breakdown. When repairing such a device back then, it would call for replacing either the connecting sockets for each component, or replacing the wire connecting them, or both. Wires were sensitive that time and the insulation for each wire was not as sturdy compared to the wires now. Some of the first devices that used circuit boards were the gramophones and radios built during the 1920’s. Manufacturers would use wood as the board and they would rivet the electronic components in place on one side and then run the wires on the other side of the board.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the use of www.pcbnet.com was then known and a few patents were filed to further improve their efficiency. With the initial designs, the circuits were placed only on one side of the board, but eventually, multilayer boards, or a board with more than one printed circuit on it, were created.

A typical circuit board would have a hole in it where an electronic component would fit in place. This is called a Plated-Through Hole. Once the component is in place, it is then soldered either by hand or by machine to secure it. Each hole would have a copper ring around it, called an annular ring.

When two circuit boards need to be connected to each other, a section of the board is set where part of the copper pattern is exposed. These are called “fingers” and are always located at the edge of the board. They would then be pushed into connectors that are installed in the other circuit board, just like how components of a computer are attached to a motherboard. If the circuit board needs to be cut in a certain place, manufacturers would place a V-score or a “mouse bite” on the board. These are partial cuts on the board so that anyone can snap off one part of the board cleanly and easily.

A solder mask is placed over the circuit board to protect the copper paths that are already printed onto it. The solder masks are what gives the circuit boards its typical green colour, though some boards may be red. The solder mask also protects the board from accidental solder jumps, or when an extra solder suddenly connect two copper circuits accidentally.

For some components that cannot be installed through holes, some boards would have a slot put on the board itself. This is typically used if the connecting part is not rounded. A silkscreen layer is used to give a label to each part of the board. The labels are usually white so that they can easily be read.