Styles and Designs of Custom Trading Pins

Teams participating in any kind of sports such as baseball, football, swimming, and gymnastics usually wear custom trading pins. The designs of the pins determine their appeal and trading value.

There are different styles and options that you can check to figure which is suitable for your team.

  • Spinner

custom trading pinsThe spinner is a second pin added to the upper part of the primary pin, which you can rotate. It comes in different shapes, usually in the form of softballs and baseballs. You can customize it into any shape you prefer. The spinner adds more significance and value to your custom trading pins. The exceptional design makes it highly sought-after by traders.

  • Bobble Heads

The bobble head or wiggle pin is a second pin fastened by a durable spring to the primary trading pin. The head of your team’s mascot can move in side ward, upward, and downward motions. Due to its striking quality, more athletes prefer this style.

  • Blinkers

Batteries power this blinking small LED light bulb usually used as the eyes of the team’s mascot. You can turn it on through a tiny hidden switch. Nevertheless, the blinker can fit into more creative and fun designs. It gives life to your images that will catch spectators’ attention.

  • Glitters

Glitter enamel makes your custom trading pins shine with various colors. An epoxy coats the glitter to add a more sparkling finish. It is one of the most affordable and well liked styles among athletes.

  • Sliders

Slider is a second pin attached to a channel created in the primary pin. Sliders are in the form of moving balls or an athlete in action. They are very appealing to both players and viewers.

  • Danglers

Dangler is a second pin attached to the first pin through a loop or small chain. Danglers can be a flag, ball, year of the tournament or whatever figure you choose. Some manufacturers can replace the danglers to create a new look while keeping the primary pin. This will save on cost if the team is on a budget. Although it is one of the earliest designs, it is still a favorite among collectors and traders.

Different types of custom trading pins are available in the market, which are as follows:

  • Soft enamel pins have iron metal bases and are among the pins with excellent standards of quality. A soft enamel pin is made using low fire to combine the enamel paint to the metal. It features durability, brilliance, and luster. Baseball leagues favor this type of trading pin.
  • Photo-etched pins feature designs generated by a computer and put over the pin surface, producing a smooth finish.
  • Offset digital pins involves modern printing technology in imprinting the design on the metal surface. An epoxy coating will combine the design with the metal. This is ideal for photos of athletes, paintings, and logos.
  • Silkscreen-printed trading pins are similar to offset digital pins except the design is created through silk screening.

Pin traders choose printed and etched pins for their swapping activities. The usual size applicable for trading is 1.5 to 2.5 inches or larger. Children are most interested in exceptional trading pins, which include danglers, bobble heads, blinkers, sliders, and glitters.

Trading pins are now gaining popularity among travelers. There are people who go on trips to meet fellow collectors and traders of pins with historical and political importance. In addition, the internet is a perfect venue to gain contacts and to exchange valuable collections. Trading events are great to visit when looking for rare trading pins.

The design and type of trading pins should have an impact on the entire team. Since pins serve as both representation and identification, it is best to choose a relevant design for your team’s pin badge.

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Selecting the Kind of Golf Ball to Buy

Golf balls, despite being as small as they are, have many types available on the market. Choosing the right ball for your games can make or break your play. There are balls designed to enhance the lift provided by the ball in every shot. There are those who afford the player and additional distance from a combination of their lift, drag and weight factor. And then there are those that are great – and actually allowed only – for practice.

Now one would think that it would take so much time going through the features of every type and make. There are common denominators though. One is that they are spherical in shape; with not smaller than 42.67 millimeters or 1.68 inches, and weighing no greater than 45.93 grams or 1.62 ounces. All balls being sold in the market usually follows R&A and USGA regulations. These are the two golfing organization presiding over the two sides of the Atlantic.

Other than those,these balls can generally be divided into two basic categories. That is the recreational balls and the advanced balls.

Recreational balls are designed for the average golfers. Oriented to those with low swing speeds and are liable to lose the ball along the course. For these golf balls, there are two layers – the cover and the core – where the cover is firmer then the core. They feature sides pin reduction and low compression for straighter shots despite lower speeds at launching. Recreational balls have lower prices than the advanced ones, to make them affordable to out-of-bounds and hazard shots.

golf ballsAdvanced balls, on the other hand, have three or more layers, characterized by softer covers and firmer cores. They are designed to have a greater amount of spin from angled or lofted shots. For short-range shots, they also offer a sensation of softness. To compress these balls at impact, advanced balls require faster swing speeds that can only be maneuvered by strong, experienced players. A mismatch between the golfer’s wing speed and the ball compression will result in a decreased flight distance. Advanced balls have many brands and colors available. The colored balls and those sold by better brands are usually more expensive. Because of this, the choice can be very difficult.

But for casual players, expensive advanced golf balls may be unnecessary. There are three kinds of inexpensive balls they can choose from. These are good for practice and casual play. But, because of their characteristics they cannot be used during tournament due to regulations; or players simply choose branded ones over them.

First casual play ball: range or practice balls. These are similar to the recreational balls, relatively cheap and have shorter flight distances. Labeled PRACTICE in large bold letterings, these are made to be durable and good-quality balls to withstand the hundreds of hits they receive during their life-span. To accomplish this, they are made with harder cores and firmer covers than even the recreational balls. They also have lines or bars printed on their covers to help the player see the ball’s spin during at launching. They conform to all golfing regulations and as such, qualified for tournaments. But because of their hitting characteristics, players choose better quality balls during formal play.

Second type of balls for casual play: Recycled balls. Generally refurbished to different qualities of playability, these balls are made from branded balls abandoned and collected from the course. Graded according to the resulting quality, these are recycled to restore the balls as close to their original “newness” as possible. They are usually sold at a discount in retailer stores.

Third casual golf balls in focus: “X-outs” or Mark-outs. These are branded balls that didn’t pass their manufacturer’s intense quality control. With their defect usually immaterial to their performance, these have their brand name markings crossed out or marked over, packaged in generic boxes and then sold at amazing discounts. Because of their “marked-out” characteristics, even if they are the same quality as their successful counterparts, these golf balls are still considered illegal in tournaments and thus, perfect for casual golfing.

Factors such as quality requirement and budget are considered when selecting your balls for golfing. So before immersing in the rich variety of ball types available in the market, it is recommended to identify what is your playing style, swing speed and your price range.

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Custom Pins: Do It Yourself (DIY)

Today’s technology allows people to make things on their own, right at the comfort of their own homes. Everything is DIY or do it yourself, including custom pins. However, DIY your pins only if:

The shapes you need are just circle and rectangle. You can use snap in buttons for this, which you can buy online or in retail craft shops. Thee buttons come in different sizes as well, from half inch to 3 inches.

Otherwise go to the professionals and let them do the pins when you need a special shape such as an animal, a logo, or any unusual shape.

The design is not complicated. The easiest to do is the design and print type. This is just cutting out the printed design that you made. Or sometimes, one uses a custom pin with just a photo of the person – such as during the campaign period of your school-age kids for their school councils.If the design is elaborate and detailed, better have the professional handle it.

The quantity is limited. If you need less than 30-50 custom pins for your event, then it would save you a lot more if you will do it yourself. For larger quantities however, placing an order would be the better option, in terms of time, effort, quality and money.

custom pinsThe event or the occasion is not that formal or high status. For children’s clubs or as campaign items for your kids, or as tokens during family reunions and parties, DIY would be the ideal choice. Your close friends and families would appreciate the labor of love you have exerted on those pins.However, when one is going to use the pins for awarding ceremonies or employee recognition, go for the professional look. This would make the people feel more special. They would not think that you are cutting cost on them.

You have sufficient time. Making your own custom pins could eat up your time during planning, designing, making and distributing. If you have the patience and time for this, then go for it. If not, just place your orders and in no time, you’ll have the pins ready.

You are on budget but you are creative. A custom pin can cost you from 50 cents to $2 each. Snap in button could be bought for less than 20 cents per piece depending on the design and quantity.

The materials that you would need are the following: snap in buttons, your printed design,which you have cut to match the size of your snap in buttons.

Making your own custom pins is as easy as 1-2-3. Here are the easy to follow steps.

1.Place the printed design facing down on the front of the snap in button.

2.Place the back part side of the snap in button carefully (with the pin outside) to fit in the front part of the button.

3.Secure the pin by snapping the back part in place by pushing it down gently.

That’s it! You have just completed your first DIY custom pin. Do the same with the rest of your pins.

Button Machines

Now it sounds easy enough and in reality, it is actually easy. However, many people spend so much time in perfecting the placement of the back side to the front side of the button. This is where their frustrations come.

If you have an additional budget plus if you intend to make lots of custom pins, then purchasing a button machine would be a good investment for you. The steps would be basically the same, only this time, the button machine would be the one to secure the two parts in place together.

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4 Reasons to Have Custom Embroidered Patches for Your Business

It’s quite difficult to improve your customer pool if you’re just starting out on your business, let alone promote a brand when you know the competition is tight. But a logo may serve as one of the keys to enhancing the scope to which your company can be known for, particularly when it is vibrantly displayed on your employee’s uniform. People are immediately going to see this representation of your company, so you’d better make it worthwhile. One of the options to have your company logo attached to your employee’s uniform is through custom embroidered patches. But why exactly should you pick this choice instead of others?

1. Cost Efficient

Various businesses, particularly fast food chains and convenience stores, operating mostly with their employees and directly communicating with their customers, primarily use two types of methods to get their company logo sewn to the uniforms: direct embroidery and custom embroidered patches.It’d surely be a lot more convenient having the logo directly embroidered to the garments of your workers. But at the same time, you have to think about cost effectiveness, which is where using custom patches becomes the better choice.

On average, each image directly embroidered to a garment, is worth $4. On the contrary, a custom patch can be about $1.5 per piece, and if sewn onto clothing, it’ll cost you $0.5 more. The $2 difference might be trivial, but if you’re a starting business with 20 employees, and each one wears 3 garments and accessories that requires your logo, you’d be spending $240 on direct embroidery, while it will only be $120 for custom patches. That $120 difference is actually a big saving, as with every business, every penny counts.

2. Reusability

Since every penny counts, you need to consider everything, and this includes employees that come and go. But of course, you’d have to prepare another set of uniform that will definitely require your logo attached on them. Having direct embroidery would mean that you’ll have to pay again for your business’ insignia embellishing company shirts or caps. With custom embroidered patches, though, you’ll just need to detach them from old uniforms and attach them to new ones, saving you a bit more.

3. Functionality

Custom Embroidered patchesWith a few innovations here and there, different companies have been coming up with a variety of methods in which embroidered patches can be patched up to garments. If you want traditional, you have the iron-on backing only requires a few strokes of the flat iron to get them set on clothing. If you really want traditional, then you’d be best with the no backing option. A few vendors, however, offer a lot more choices for backing, like Velcro, magnet, and button loop.

4. Versatility

There are really little differences as far as the output imagery created using direct embroidery and custom patches are concerned. But when the logo is sewn onto different types of fabric, the item it is attached to may or may not become smooth. There are certain fabrics that tend to fold through time when direct embroidery is used, which certainly limits your options. This, however, does not pose any issue with custom embroidered patches. The different types of backing will allow you to incorporate your company logo to employee uniforms in a way that the fabric will not be ruined.

When you’re running a business, you need to be very attentive to the details. Custom patches may offer a lot more than what direct embroidery can. However, you need to consider everything and check if this is what your business really needs. If your company caters to an industry where a direct worker-to-consumer relationship would be necessary, these may most likely be your best choice.

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Set Up Gigabit Ethernet with Cat6 Cable

The rate of speed for data transfer is now measured Gigabit per second. If your data transmission speed is still at Megabit per second, then that means your cable networking already needs upgrading or better yet changed. Strong signal transmission and high speed data transfer make us get our work done in no time. Having Fast Ethernet running at 100 mbps is now superseded by Gigabit Ethernet which transmits data packet at 1000 mbps or 1 Gigabit. Ethernet cables that support the speed of 100mbps are the Cat5 cable generation. Now that Gigabit Ethernet rules the internet and telecommunications, Gigabit Ethernet Cat6 cable was introduced.

For you to upgrade your network connection to Gigabit Ethernet, then make sure to have the following before installation.

Router – Make sure to choose a high end router than can handle high speed and has excellent signal transmission capabilities.

Computer   – It is best for you to use an upgraded computer that has upgraded hardware. Your computer must be equipped with standard Ethernet cards and network interface cards; and most importantly,

Cat6 Cable – This is the sixth generation, Category 6 cable designed to accommodate high data transfer rate of Gigabit Ethernet. It is 10X faster than Cat5 cables. It has very good signal transmission because it made of bare copper.

Why Use Cat6 Cable for Gigabit Ethernet?

category 6It’s simply because this is what this cable is made and designed for. The cables which consist of four twisted pairs of copper wires inside can handle various data transmission speed for 100BASE-TX (Fast Ethernet), 10BASE-T, 10GBASE-T (10-Gigabit Ethernet) and 1000BASE-T/1000BASE-TX (Gigabit Ethernet).

This cable design meets the structured cabling system standards by using 8P8C Modular connector where the cables are terminated with T568A and T568B pin assignments on the connector. This makes Cat6 backward compatible with older lines of connectors used in Cat3, Cat5, Cat5e cables. This also makes the cable compatible to most computer ports.

This Cable category was also designed to be more resilient to cross talk or electromagnetic interference and system noises, making it capable to efficiently transfer data packet successfully even with the presence of outside barriers.

Important Installation Reminders

-The Cat6 cable performs at maximum quality in cable distance not exceeding 100 meters (328 ft.). All 100 meters include horizontal cabling from the patch panel to the wall jack which should not exceed 90 meters. The remaining 10 meters is for the maximum distance between your wall jack and your computer or any other connected device. If you need a distance more than the stated maximum, then you can use the augmented category 6 cable (Cat6a).

-Although the cables are made of bare copper which make it resilient to harsh pulls during installation, you should not kink or bend the cable too tightly. Do not untwist the copper wires inside and do not strip the outer jacket more than 1 centimeter.

-If you are installing your cable network in a high EMI environment, it is best to use a shielded Cat6 cable to diminish the undesired effect of EMI to the cable data. High interference can corrupt data that are being transferred through the cable wires.

The cost of setting up your Gigabit Ethernet may be expensive, so one helpful remedy to lower the cost a bit is, if you already have existing routers, then no need to change and buy a new one. You can just instead buy a switch for your router to make it compatible for Gigabit Ethernet connection. This would generally cost you some money but it’s all worth it. The time and energy you save, from this high speed and efficient data transfer, is equally precious.

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A GW-501516 Timeline

GW-501516 may be one of the most controversial compounds ever in the history of the pharmaceutical industry. It was first discovered during research collaboration that started in 1992 between Ligand Pharmaceuticals and GlaxoSmithKline – the British multinational pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines, and consumer healthcare company. GSK began Phase I trials in 2000, originally aiming to formulate a treatment for hyperlipidemia. The discovery of the compound was first announced in a 2001 article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in the United States of America, the official journal of the United States National Academy of Sciences. According to the author, the compound was discovered using combinatorial chemistry and structure-based drug design.

chemicalsIn 2002, Phase II trials commenced. As a perk of the decade-old partnership, Ligand Pharmaceuticals earned $1 million in payment in 2003 as result of GSK’s decision to precede with Phase I development. In 2004, an article in The Wall Street Journal pointed to studies claiming the compound increased polyps in tested mice. GSK was quick to retort that its studies showed no adverse effects so far.

At the same time, other scientists were experimenting with the compound. Ronald Evans of Salk Institute was one of them; in 2004 he used the same principle of raising the protein PPAR delta on genetically engineered mice to see if it would have a positive effect on endurance. After genetically engineering mice to up PPAR delta levels, Evans used GW-501516 in higher doses than GSK did, with tests yielding the same result of increased endurance. It is worth noting here that Evans was then aiming to develop the first-ever performance-enhancing drug to boost the physical endurance of the human body. Evans’ research project was widely publicized by 2007, with results finding their way to The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

It was Evans as well who brought attention to the fact that GW-501516 has high potential for abuse by athletes. While the World Anti-Doping Agency was quick to release its statement relating suspicion that it would not be surprising at all to find athletes dabbling in the compound, GSK also countered quickly, claiming that it has not made any studies yet regarding claims that the compound increases endurance in humans.

The 2008 Beijing Olympics brought this issue further into the light, with mounting concern over the use of the compound to enhance athletic performance in the prestigious sports event—especially as it was not controlled or regulated by then. A urine test was formulated and provided for the International Olympic Committee. The compound was prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency by 2009, and was re-categorized in 2012 from ‘gene doping compound’ to ‘hormone and metabolic modulator.’

Even given these developments, GW-501516 remains highly popular with bodybuilders—one simply has to look at the numerous athletics and bodybuilding sites advertising the compound and its benefits. In 2013, however, studies pointed out that the compound causes cancer in rats, affecting a wide range of organs including the heart, liver, intestines, testes, ovaries, and even skin, among others. The World Anti-Doping Association took the hint as well and warned users—current and potential ones—of the possible risks of using the compound. The Agency claimed the compound will no longer be approved, and its legal status in the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom is still unscheduled.

Aside from the promise of increased endurance as proven by animal testing, the fact that GSK just walked away from research and development after being confronted with the cancer risk of the compound keeps the hope alive that GW-501516 has not been subjected to the most exhaustive of development processes yet, hence its continuing popularity, especially among athletes and bodybuilders.

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Demystifying Misting Fans

Effortlessly flicking each string, the guitarist puts the crowd into a trance as he plays his incredible solo. As the song goes on, people come in droves, quickly filling the open concert grounds. At the last note, the light switches off, signalling the end of the performance.

Outdoor events have a liberating feel. Yet the discomfort of rubbing elbows with a sweaty person beside you may not exactly be called a good experience, even if he appears to be your future love life. With the stage lights turned on, the heat of the surrounding environment builds up creating a less pleasant atmosphere.

At the side lines of any big outdoor event, an essential device works double time to keep the setting more pleasant. Misting fans have been used for quite a while to reduce the temperature of the dry, hot surroundings. The air within the perimeter of these fans can typically be up to 40° Fahrenheit lower than the ambient air temperature, making a 100° F day tolerable at 80° F to 60° F. Fans watching live sporting events, such as the Super Bowl and World Cup, and even music festivals are kept comfortable with misting fans. Its application extends to more intimate locations from outdoor restaurants to your very own patio.

misting fansOriginally used by the livestock industry back in the 1950s, misting fans have steadily grown over the years as its use spread to the commercial and residential sectors. Different technological advancements have made the installation easier. Both business owners and homeowners alike can now enjoy the benefits of this simple, yet amazing cooling technology.

The principle governing misting fans is the evaporative cooling phenomena. Consider a wet towel placed in front of a fan. Notice that compared to the surroundings, the area around the towel is much cooler. This observation is caused by the evaporation of water from the towel. Water absorbs a certain amount of energy to transform itself into a vapour phase. When it does change form, it takes away a certain amount of heat resulting to a cooler environment. As the fan rotates, it spreads the cooler air, acting as a simple air conditioner. Overall, it creates much more tolerable environment.

In the case of misting fans, tiny droplets are created by forcing water out of ultra-fine nozzle openings with the help of high pressure pumps. These droplets form a thin mist that evaporates immediately upon contact with the warm ambient air. As the water evaporates, heat is taken from the surroundings creating a temperature drop. The fan blows this cooled air over a distance of a few yards to a few meters.

Since the mist created is very fine, only a few recipients of this cool air actually get wet. This is similar to standing in an area with light fog on a cool morning, wherein water vapour condenses but barely settles on the skin. Only people or other items that are less than 6 inches away from the fan are prone to experience getting wet with water.

Aside from evaporative cooling, an important feature of misting fans is the water filter. This ensures that impurities and other potential health hazards had been removed before the water spurts out from the nozzles. What’s more, the misting system only uses less that 1 to 2 gallons of water per hour of operation.

Any outdoor stadium or a backyard patio doesn’t have to be sizzling hot literally. Misting fan systems provide the much needed comfort whenever you are outdoors. Backed with the basic principle of evaporative cooling, misting fan systems have become the simple yet innovative solution to combat heat.

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Best Practices for Live Chat Support: The Etiquette of Being “Live”

Talking to a live chat support can sometimes make someone feel like they’re talking to a robot and that it gives them the impression that they could talk down to it. But that should not be the case. These quick and simple points for the operators of live chat support and its visitors should make the interaction more engaging over the chat session. It may seem a bit apparent but this just reinforces the importance of proper communication and meeting the objectives of both the chat service and the customer.

live chat supportFrom a chat operator’s view, the objective is to support the customer in whatever they need in relation to the product. This could be in the form of order placements, walk through of an installation, and swapping products. Customer satisfaction is an extra point that can be scored by the chat support agents. Fast, swift service with a pleasant approach, sense of humor and a little extra like a service or plan upgrade or a discount on the next transaction could be turned into an outstanding experience for both the chat agent and the customer, can make the customer a lasting fan of the brand. On the downside, unpleasant service, bad interaction between the chat agent and the customer, and making the customer feel that there’s a lack of commitment towards resolving his issues are sure ways to lose customers.

There are tips and ways on how to avoid this. First is knowing what brand is all about and what it offers in the market. Chat support agents should be sure of what they are typing in their chat boxes about the brand’s service or product. Their customers on the other end of the screen will still be able to tell if the chat agents are just leading them on. A well-trained and conversant chat staff is a good way to make an impact on customers.

The behavior of the live chat support agent is essential in making them the best ambassadors of the brand for the customers. Instilling the practice of focusing on resolving the issue is one of the best behaviors that can be taught to them. A general casual chat is always valued, particularly by long-time customers. A “let’s get back on track” attitude, on the other hand, gives them an impression that the chat agent is committed to addressing his concerns.

The words of an irate customer could still affect anyone in the customer service industry. Despite this, it is never an acceptable behavior to talk back to the customer. This is a definite way to aggravate the situation. Customer service personnel should be trained to keep their composure in these instances. Instead of a quick sharp retort, chat personnel should know how to calm the irate customer down.

Listening takes a different form, especially in a chat support set-up. Making customers feel that their issues are being heard can be achieved by letting them tell their concerns in detail. The problem could be easily resolved by knowing and understanding where the issue lies. For live chart support representatives with sales deliverables, the sales pitch should be done at the right point in the conversation. Oftentimes, this is only after the customer has been assured that his concerns will be addressed. It goes without saying that a resolved case would be a great opening for the sales pitch whether for a new purchase or perhaps an upgrade.

On the other hand, for technical live chat support, using simple answers makes the issue less complicated. Being honest with the customer if there is a need to have the issue escalated is also often appreciated by customers. Using specific questions and providing simplified answers makes the conversation less complicated and allows the chat agent to quickly resolve the issue.

In a chat based support, typing accuracy and speed is important so avoiding typographical and correct spelling provide important solutions to a chat conversation. Also, it is important for chat support personnel who utilize canned or scripted responses to know when to use specific responses as it makes the conversation more efficient. These canned responses eliminate the need for the chat specialist to type up long messages and allows him to take on multiple chat sessions simultaneously while maintaining the high level of support.

The bottom line here is that both the live chat support agent and the customer must work together for them to resolve the issue at hand. Following the suggested etiquette allows for more streamlined flow of conversation, keeping it light but also professional sounding.

ApexChat contact center will monitor your website 24×7.though its live chat support.

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Image SEO Tips

Optimize the potential of the images in your site. Those images play a big role when it comes to universal search results. You can actually manipulate the image setting to drive traffic and to maximize the sharing of your images in the social web.

To get a better picture of what images can do, think of every single picture in your site as a page on its own. Seen this way, pictures can be optimized through URL sharing and creating an effective anchor text for them. Following is a set of tips for image optimization that you can use.

SEO Company – Think of Backlinks

Attractive and meaningful images or the pages that contain them get shared. Choose the right images and make sure that people have a way of going back to the source of those images – which is you or your website. Research has even shown that while the text is what people are after (before accessing a website), it is the images in the website that can make them spend a little more time.

Scatter interesting SEO Tipsimages around your site and you’ve got better chances of selling your pages and pulling to your site more people who will see these images elsewhere.  Don’t forget to choose images that are relevant to your product or to your cause.

SEO Company – Use Important Keywords in Your Images’ Filenames

It works pretty much the same as text URLs, although in texts search engines can go through the entire article or post. In images, there is nothing to be read by search engines except their filename. Make your image filenames relevant and rich for SEO optimization purposes. Be guided by the keywords that are often used in Google, Yahoo and MSN searches.

Take note of the following recommendations from Google:

  • The images should be placed in one folder rather than having them in random folders.
  • The images should use file types like BMP, PNG, GIF and JPEG. You don’t have to understand all these types in one sitting. A friend who is computer and internet literate can tell you which one you can easily use.

SEO Company – Use Alt Text to Make SEO-optimized Descriptions

Go through the basics of search engines once again. This time around, do understand that search engines cannot easily read the text contents of images.

The captions of the images would work for that purpose instead. Optimize the alt tag too by maximizing the space for descriptions. This is what people call as allowing search engines to make sense of the meaning of an image.

Having explained that, the next job for you is to make your images instruments for navigation for users. Just make sure that the alt text for every image is relevant to the page it is being linked to. It’s a big turn off for visitors to be led to a page that is irrelevant or is leading them to somewhere else which is completely out of their interest.

SEO Company – Build an Anchor Text that Works

Don’t underestimate anchor texts. They have the ability of putting you at the top or the bottom of SEO rankings. Be descriptive enough with your anchor texts and make use of the search keywords that people are using in their own searches. The words “photo” and “pictures” are overly used and are some of the words that are junked by search engines. The words “beautiful” and “attractive” go to the garbage basket as well.

Do some research and come up with words that have clearer and sharper meanings. Instead of using the word “beautiful”, use the word “symmetrical” if you are offering tattoo eyebrow services. Pick the expression “for free” rather than the expression “without burden on the pocket” if you are offering online education.

The internet has its own language and just like any language in the world, the internet language is dynamic. It is also constantly changing.

Author Bio:

ExplodeSEO is a New York based SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

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3 Major Internet Marketing Elements To Add To Your SEO Strategies

When you discuss internet marketing with people today, they often times think only of one thing, and that’s SEO. Yes, search engine optimization is a crucial part of this overall, but it is not the only part, and that’s where you need to draw the line. If you’re working within the ranks of just this type of framework, you will only see marginal gains. There may be some organic traffic generated in time, but there will be a drop off if you don’t work within the boundaries of other elements to the bigger picture of internet marketing.

There are 3 major branches that you should not miss when you’re looking at creating more traffic, market share, and influence online. If you implement these properly, or hire someone to manage them for you, there will be an incredible return on investment. Consider the following elements in your quest to dominate your niche or industry.

Social Networking Websites:

Social media is here to stay,SEO Strategies and despite some people’s reservations about these pages, they still create a lot of traffic for a variety of niche sites. Whether you have a blog, an ecommerce solution, or just a business site you will want to have a profile updated for your brand. Within the pages of these sites, you could use your URL, images, and more to gain traffic. The reason why this is part of the larger picture of SEO is because search engines update their indexes and crawl rates of these sites to go alongside the frenetic updates that are pushed on a regular basis. The more updates that are posted on these sites, the more crawls that are pushed.

Video Sharing Websites:

There are several sites that you can upload videos to. Using these pages for marketing is a bit rough for some, but with the proliferating of smartphones and HD devices, recording and uploading video is easier than ever. You’ll find that these pages gain a lot of fast ranking and indexing within search engines because they are owned by major search providers. It’s imperative that you use the search providers own sites for maximum reach and traffic generation. Test this out, and you’ll see that by uploading just 1 video, you could see an increase in your rank and index rate. Upload 100 videos, and you could very well have a minor bump in the way your site comes up within search queries.

Article Directories:

This is a controversial topic, but in regards to content marketing, you’re not going to find another home quite as dominant as article directories. There are a number of pages online that you will want to isolate, but updating your content on these is crucial. Find the ones that have a great deal of authority, and are not linked to spam, and you have a place to post articles, with promotional consideration to your website. Even if you were to get 1 hit on each article, you could still use that as an advantageous platform to generate backlinks.

The above pieces of internet marketing are just some of the major components that people are using on a regular basis to placate search results. If you want to ensure that you’re getting your fair amount of market share within any industry today, you will need to make sure that you factor in several components. There’s no reason to just isolate SEO as the sole way that you market your website to the masses.

When the aforementioned is all done, you will want to also engage in search engine marketing, through the use of pay per click advertising. This is a good way to increase market share, indexing, and traffic, but it can cost a great deal of money if you’re not careful.

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